lunes, noviembre 26, 2012

Status: in love of a master piece

Antes de ir al concierto de Madonna, 
me encontré con una de sus nuevas canciones. 
Me encantó y creo que hasta me quedó, 
se llama 


....It seems to me is what you are 
a rare and priceless work of art 
stay behind your velvet rope
but i will not renounce all hope 
and I'm right by your side 
like a thief in the night 
I stand in front of a master pice 
and i cant tell  you why 
it hurts so much 
to be in love with the masterpiece 
cause after all 
nothing is indestructible 
from the moment I first saw you 
all the darkness turned to light 
and impressionistic painting 
tiny particles of light 
it seem to me is what you are like ...

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